Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Husband and P90X 9/1/09

We are on week 2 day 2...in case you have lost track ☺ I am week 10 day 2.

Jay is Cardio X today and I am Plyometrics.
Although, Jay will have some Plyo snuck into his cardio. That Tony is a sneaky one.
Back to Monday (last night). Fish and veggies for dinner last night, NO BREAD. As Jay had his carbs for the day following the phase one P90X nutrition plan. Yes, Jay is doing the nutrition with me. His is different at this point because of the different phases and type of P90X program each of us are doing.

My Rant:

You HAVE to do the nutrition if you want the results. I can not stress that enough. Now, I am not saying that you won't lose some weight and even gain some muscle mass, but you WILL NOT BE RIPPED! Or even all that toned.
This is a mistake people often make when starting a fitness program. They get all excited an buy a 60 or 90 day program thinking that just because they do the workouts, they are going to look like the people in the dvds. And I am not saying that if you do the nutrition too that you will look like a fitness model after one round of anything. It all depends on where you started. But one thing I do know is that you will be much closer to your goal if you do both. It does take discipline and is not easy at first. For some us of us, the area we live in is a good example, eating out is the thing that has become our social life and entertainment as well. Ooh, look at that food! People can't wait for the next course to arrive at the table, like dinner and a show, only the show has become THE DINNER!
I am not knocking eating or dining out at all. Believe me...I like to eat ♥ But, we need to make better choices when we do eat at a restaurant. Hold back on appetizer. Have a broth based no cream soup, and please stay away from FRIED! I do not care what establishment tells you they are health conscience and does not use trans fat....they are LYING. Any thing other than a natural fat (IE. olive oil, avocados, coconut oil...are examples) is bad. If they don't use trans fat, what do you think they are frying it in. It isn't air. That is my rant on food. It seems I have gotten off the subject a bit. So I digress. Follow the nutrition plan that you paid for when you ordered your workout program, it is there for you to use. And that is how you REALLY get results.

Back to Jay ♥
His little run on the trails the day before got the best of him and his tendons on the tops of his feet were on fire all day. Now he couldn't blame it on my precious Tony...☺
He once again stepped up to the plate and "Brought It". Core Synergistics. His comment when he was done, "I could do alot more moves this time, I even was able to lift myself up better with Superman/Banana"...Makes me smile ☺ I actually thought it might take another week before he noticed a difference. Awesome. He is still sore today and more than just his feet, but it is all good. He was going from the bathroom today to the bedroom and paused and posed to see if I was looking...lol...I smiled at him and said "Wow" ♥ No, there is not much physical difference yet, but his mental state is definitely changing for the good. Tonight is Cardio X, as I mentioned, and it will be a sweat fest.
Until Wednesday...Don't hate me 'cause I am happy ☺ ☺ ☺

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