Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Son and His "Interpretation"
of a Yoga Meditation at Age 8

Well, well, well....Jay broke down and did "Patience Hummingbird" (Tony Horton One On One series) as his yoga program last night.I am a proud wife today! He went into the room commenting on how "sissy" he thought it would be and came out 36 minutes later and said, Wow..that was a nice stretch. So I got him doing yoga which is an accomplishment for Jay and for me. ☺ Next time I will work on Yoga X.

Tonight is the season premiere my favorite show on TV, "The Biggest Loser". If you must watch a TV show for a whole hour or so, this is a great one. It makes me get up and work with them. Do a little chair dip or two, some abs on floor or standing. It just makes you feel good. These people are just amazing. What they have been through in life and their obstacles sometimes just bring me to tears. It really does start in your head. So for most, they have to tackle what brought them to that weight and unhealthy lifestyle as part of their journey.

They are bringing back some of the contestants from previous seasons to give them a "second chance" so it will be interesting.
If you are not spending family time together and you have the time slot available, (the kids should be asleep). It is a good and positive thing to see...watch tonight on NBC.
Talk about accomplishments. Jay and Yoga, The Biggest Loser contestants, and me who was a bit melancholy about my current 90 days coming to a close in less than two weeks. But then I got a little message from Tony Horton himself...

When one door closes another one opens. Sadness turns to celebration. You're right, it's up and away to the next thing. The Plus and OOO are great additions to the X. P90X workouts and my jokes will always be there to visit again... Tony Horton
Yesterday at 6:20pm

Needless to say, I feel ready now to go forth with my next program. ☺

Today is Core Synergistics for Jay...he is a pro at that one now...lol. And I am Plyometrics...I will be covered in sweat from head to toe. Have a super fit day!!! ☺♥☺♥

I have added a fan page to FB called "Positive Impact", so it puts all my fitness and nutrition info and tips in an easy access place.
I still have my separate info pages:


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