Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jay Did Yoga X....

I have been a little random with my blog lately. So many things going on and so many thoughts and ideas floating around in my head. Not a bad thing as long as I start applying them. I love goals and new plans.

Back to P90X...We are in our fourth week which is the "recovery week" . If you read my blogs in the past or know anything about P90X, this is the week your muscles recover and grow and you are still working, but you are focusing on abs and cardio more than anything. So you actually start the week with Yoga X. Jay actually flip flopped the two first days and did Core Synergistics on Monday and Yoga X last night.That is correct...Jay did Yoga X, the whole hour and a half!
I had a P90X workout group last night (showing them Core Synergistics) and when I came home, Jay asked what his workout was tonight and I told him Yoga X, or you can do One On One Patience Hummingbird (the half hour he has been doing). or just stack 10 Minute Trainer Yoga and Stretch, it is up to you Jay. He went in the exercise room and an hour and a half later, came in the bedroom all sweaty and told me he did the X version. What...I could not believe it. He told me all about it in detail and how he loved it. I am so psyched!!! My boy is getting stronger and braver : )

So guys out there...PLEASE try yoga! Jay was in the best mood this morning.

Tonight is Kenpo X, one of my favorites. I love the cardio with some kicks. And I really like all the arm movements. Makes you feel tough!

Have a great Wednesday! I am here for anyone that wants that nudge or any help with exercise and nutrition.

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