Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Husband and P90X 9/2/09

Another workout, means another day of choosing to extend your life. Profound, huh? Well, I didn't come up with it (Tony Horton, of course). But I do believe it is true. I will expand on that subject in a future post.

Jay is P90X day three of week two....Wow. Once again, went in there and did his Cardio X like a trooper. No prodding necessary. When he was done, he looked like he had stepped out of a pool. It is a great combo of plyo, kenpo, and various other moves that keep you moving and a groovin'. It is one of the shorter P90X workouts, but it really removes the DNA. ☺

Jay has been telling the guys he works with that he is doing P90X, which means that if he feels confident now to say it out loud, he is serious about it. Kinda, a bragging rights guy thing. Us gals usually let other females ask us "what the heck have you been doing to look so good". Plus the confidence we have shows on our faces in the form of a smile. ☺ Let's face it, alot of times there is way more jealousy between woman then between men. So we like to keep things on the QT, some females have the "if ya got it flaunt it" attitude. My feelings are that I want to share the fact that I FEEL better inside... and looking better, well, that is a plus. So that is why I show pics of myself. I simply want others to become more healthy and fit minded so I try and lead by example. Remember, this is the gal who left her head out of her original before pics....I was not feeling any confidence at all. That leads me back to Jay, confidence is good, it makes us strive harder and reach our goals plus set new ones.
Tonight for Jay is Arms and Shoulders plus Ab Ripper X. I did Back and Biceps plus Ab Ripper X. I love strength training, but I did Plyo last night and I was burning, burning...and that was good.

Have a wackodoo Wednesday everyone...makes me think of "Wacky Jacks", my favorite Tony move. ♥ "Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever." (Lance Armstrong)

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