Monday, August 31, 2009

P90X and My Husband 8/31/09

Sunday P90X rest Day? Not exactly.
It started out slow, like most Sundays do. I was up early while everyone else was snoozing. I knew Jay had a bike ride tentatively planned as I mentioned yesterday, but he had been so sore, I wasn't sure. Everyone started waking up and ate their breakfast. Jay said he was still super sore, but he was determined he was going to get on the bike.
He was planning on our son Jacob joining us, but Jacob had ran the day before and wasn't feeling a bike ride was in his day's agenda. So, Jay asked if I wanted to go. Sure, I said. So Jacob agreed to watch Julianna our daughter so we could have a couples bike ride. ♥
We went to Barboursville Park, which if you do not live around here, is a sweet park with soccer fields, a lake with a run/walk path around it, and many hiking and bike trails throughout. Very nice. ☺
Jay and I started on the bike trails for about 45 minutes and then Jay asked if I would mind exploring the trails by foot. We started hiking for a few minutes and then...BOOM...Jay took off running! I have been married to him for 16 going on 17 years and have NEVER seen him run. So I followed him through the trails up and down the hills and we had a blast. Of course when we could finally see our car, I ran right passed him and blew him so he knew that I was the "runner". he~he
Then, we headed back home and picked up the kids to go to Ritter Park after lunch, which is the main Park everyone flocks to to do their running/walking. We played on the dinosaur playground with our daughter and then we all went on a walk exploring again.
So, rest day does not mean, be a couch potato. It means you have a choice today to do what you want.
The moral of my story today is, yes...P90X did prove extremely rough on my poor Jay last week, but a week ago...I really do not think he would have ran at all. I told him I would not tell on him, but he said the sappiest thing to me yesterday as we were running, "I would rather run with you, than away from you"....Awwww...ain't that sweet ♥ So I will take him up on that and hold him to it. He has chosen to take this fitness journey with me and I will keep him accountable this week.
Today is day one and week two...Core Synergistics for him and in my first day of my 10th week, Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps plus Ab Ripper X.
Until Tuesday....Have a wonderful Fresh Start Monday! I am waiting for you ☺

BTW, I have added another site to my list. It is to explain Beachbody and what I do as an Independent Coach. Check out the site...looking is FREE!!!

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