Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Husband and P90X 9/16/09

Not much to report today on the Jay P90X front. he did his Core Synergistics last night without any hesitation.

I did my Plyometrics and later tried out one of the Dvds in the P90 Master Series...Sweat 5-6. Really enjoyed this one. What is not to love, Tony Horton and his humor, my Beachbody sponsor coach Traci Morrow, and some butt kickin' fun! It is what I would categorize as maybe "Intermediate" Three rounds of three different moves for three sets each. As Tony says, he is a fan of 3's. My favorite was the last move, "Knee Jump Kick" Nice fun move. I got these Dvds a while back, but have been spreading them out a little lately. They are pretty awesome. P90 Master Series Plyo Legs is super sweaty fun. I kinda like it maybe "just a tad" over P90X Plyo, but it is really a toss up. I guess I kinda gave you a little review Really if you are looking for something that is not quite as extreme as P90X, the P90 Dvds or the P90 Master series are both great. The difference is that P90 like P90X, has a little program guide that you can follow. And all the Beachbody programs come with Michi's Ladder, which I discussed in a previous post here.

So, today is Kenpo X for Jay and Back and biceps plus Ab Ripper X for me. I am excited to get to Sunday for Jay's 30 day pics. I want him to really see what he has accomplished so far. You see so much more in a 30 day photo than you see everyday.

Have a super fit day! ☺

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