Monday, September 7, 2009

My husband and P90X 9/7/09

Happy Labor Day to all!!! At least I hope everyone has the day off or part of the day. ☺
Day one and week three is here for Jay. I am week eleven. I am not going to focus so much on the workouts today as much as some points I want to make about following a program like P90X.
I touched on the subject of nutrition and fitness going hand and hand in a previous post. You must follow the rules for both if you want to get the results you desire.
With every change you make in the very beginning of a program, you have to make a commitment to yourself that you are going to stick with the plan. For some this comes easy, but for most of us, not so much. The P90X program for example has a pretty good size nutrition guide with it. It maps out for you the amount of each food group you should be eating for each of the three phases of P90X and sample menus of foods you might eat as well as recipes for them. It gives you an "Eating Out" guide. If you must, lists popular restaurants and what you may be able to eat. Most important. You are given a tool called "Michi's Ladder".

This is 5 tiers of foods. The top two tiers are the best foods and then it goes down to the bottom or the "Newburg Tier" i.e. Alcohol, cake and candy, hot dogs, fried foods, etc. If you follow the top two tiers, you would have a near perfect diet. I know how hard it is, I really do. When I started my first round of P90X, I had my top three weaknesses that I told myself to totally stay away from and then I managed to cope with the rest.

My suggestion, take a look at Michi's ladder and make a list of foods that are on all five tiers that you "think" you can not live without. Next, make a list of the foods on there that you think you would be willing to try. Then look at what you have written. If you cross off everything that is not on the top three lists, what do you have? You may find that you can take the foods you have left and do just fine. Or, if your list contains mostly the bottom two tiers, then you are going to have to sacrifice and dig deeper to make it work. But , YOU CAN.

The first 30 days is important. Do not falter, but if you do, just write it off and stick to the plan.
You have to think of it this way. Your body is a car. A beautiful fine machine that requires TLC, fine tuning, and the best of care and maintenance. Breakfast for example, it is called "the most important meal of the day". But has that ever been explained why? The reason is this, you sleep, hopefully for 6-8 hours. In that time, your body is making lots of changes, I will discuss in a later post. So when you wake up, your tank is on empty. There is nothing in it to fuel you at all. If you were to wake up and go try to start your car on an empty tank, it would not go. Sure, it would try and start and sputter, but no go. Your body is the same. If you do not have a healthy breakfast, your body will go into survival mode. It will store only what is vital for survival...FAT...80% to be exact by the time you get to lunch. Basically you need to keep your body fueled. So eat your three meals you have always been told, but add healthy snacks in between to keep that fine machine running.

The reason this all has me up in arms again, Jay went to the store with me yesterday and he really has been eating what the book says. However, he has three days off and holidays, family and group gatherings do this "black hole" thing and sucks you in. And we are about to go full swing into them. Holidays mean, mess up my meal plan big time for a lot of folks. And, I gave him a test. He said he wanted beer, I gave him the then I lovingly said, it is up to you. ☺ He failed, and purchased his 6 pack. It is up to us though, no one else to stick to our plan....remember that. I can not be with Jay 24 hours a day and it has to be the commitment of the person setting the goal to do it for themselves. I know, one beer sounds harmless. The thing is if you break one habit, then others follow. We ate dinner, and later when he should have grabbed maybe some natural granola or an almonds hand full, or a yogurt...he grabbed shelled salted peanuts and two beers. And did he know better, yes...he snuck the items away from me like a child. People have to stick with the good habits.

He feels horrible today, but it is all good. Today is another day and we go forward. I am not meaning to sound like a "school marm"...I did not scold him at all. I am just using the example for people that may have done the same. The blog is about Jay and P90X and I think it requires an honest representation of what it is like day by day. Everything I know and have learned has been from experiences, good and bad. I have not been perfect in my journey, I think there are few that are, we are all learning together. So hopefully, I am helping someone see that if they have had a slip, it is ok and not the end and time to pack it up, just move forward. Or, prevent someone from making the slip. Unfortunately, the lesson is that good habits are easier than bad habits to break.

And today, we have Core Synergistics for Jay and I have Chest and Back plus Ab Ripper X. Believe me, Jay will probably burn all that goo from yesterday off and today's too.

Have a great day and enjoy every moment! ☺

If anyone is interested in being a Beachbody coach, send me an email. There is a team webinar tonight. A powerpoint presentation that explains the opportunity in detail. Following the presentation, you can ask my coach Traci any questions.

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