Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Husband and P90X 9/6/09

Rest day!!!!! Of course if you have been following along, that does not necessarily mean"REST". I am not sure what the day has in store yet, but I am going to tackle "Patience Hummingbird" yoga, from the One On One series. And Jay is going to get he and our son, Jacob tubes for their bikes. Which means biking is on the menu today for Jay.
Yesterday was Kenpo X for both Jay and I. I did a short workout of abs in the AM, I just felt like it. And then took out Pre K daughter school clothes shopping. Then I jumped in with Jay last night to do Kenpo together. He is getting much more coordinated with the moves. The only comment I have for newbies is to listen to Tony closely. There are some moves that you need to twist and pivot your hips and there are some later in the workout that you are just moving your upper body or torso. I was kinda glad I did the workout with Jay because it seems he had been moving his hips the whole time for every move. He might have hurt himself if that kept I gently explained it to him and it made sense to him and relieved him at the same time. ☺ It was a sweat fest. That is one of the best routines in the P90X program. Generally, you burn more calories in a kickboxing cardio than a regular cardio, but when you add some of Tony's yoga moves in with it...WOW. It goes fast and leaves you thinking, "is it over already..." but it definitely does the job. FUN ☺

Jay will be going into his third week....hooray! And I will be doing week eleven. Sadly, mine is coming to an end a lot faster than it did in the previous round and each workout that I used to watch the time clock, have each been getting shorter and shorter. I guess this means that I am getting stronger...Yay! I will tell you this before ending today, I thought it would be fun to take our daughter on the bus to the mall yesterday because she was a little upset that this year she was not going to get to ride the school bus. So on our way home when she was too tired to walk the whole way down our street, I placed my 47 pound daughter on my back (a visual would be Luke Skywalker carrying Yoda...he~he), I was holding her big full shopping bag in one hand, and my backpack (hate purses), in the other hand, and ran the rest of the way home...about 10 houses. She asked me why I was going so fast, and I replied, the faster I go, the faster we get I really do not think that could have been done a month or so ago. That was a lot of combined weight and a major balancing accomplishment. A car passed us, I am sure they were thinking I was looney, but hey, what fun I had. ☺
Monday is Core Synergistics for Jay and I have Chest and Back plus Ab Ripper X.

Continue to have a fit and fabulous Labor Day Weekend! Go Outside and Play!!! ☺

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