Monday, September 21, 2009

My Husband and P90X 9/21/09

I'mmmmmm Ba-ck!Week 5 and day 1 of P90X. I am in my last week of P90X. My how time flies when you are having fun. ☺

I have not blogged for the last few days with good reason. Jay had a horrible sinus infection. I know...some of you are thinkin' he should have still brought it. And honestly, before I started P90X the first time, I had repeat illnesses all the time. Even my first phase of P90X, I remember being sickly right out the gate. But, as a mommy, sometimes we do what we gotta do. I don't have the luxury of getting sick and laying down. And I am not whining, just stating a fact for myself. With that being said, I bet everyone out there is thinking I gave Jay a hard time. Completely wrong. He managed to make it to Wednesday and did his thing even though he was quite miserable. The next day, he felt worse and we had a parade that we went to that evening, so I let him slide. By Friday, he was so miserable and achey, he broke down and went to a doctor, thinking it was the flu. Thank was a chronic sinus! So he is now on antibiotics.

He was feeling so deflated and frustrated. He thought he might be undoing everything that he had done the last three weeks. NO...silly. I would say that a large percentage of first time P90X-ers have small or even large setbacks. But the important thing is that you get back in there when you are feeling better. To each his own. I was not about to tell Jay to go through the motions when HE did not feel up to it. It is after all, about you and no one else. I told him to just jump back in when he is worries.

Sunday came and he did just that. It was supposed to be rest day, but he felt like he could do something, so he did. He did Kenpo X and really brought it and afterwards felt so much better. So he is back and ready for phase 2. I am very proud of him for committing. Many would get frustrated and give up. Kudos to my hubby! ♥
On a side note, I have not had those same seasonal illnesses since I started this fitness journey.

No 30 day pics...I will wait another week to make him feel more comfortable with his progress.
Tonight for Jay is Core Synergistics and I will be doing Yoga.

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