Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Husband and P90X 9/10/09

Week 3 day 4 for Jay and week 11 day 4 for "MOI". ☺

Woot, woot!!! It is Yoga X day! Now if you asked me a little over a month ago if I was a yoga fan...."not so much" but PLEASE embrace it. It does so much for stretch, balance and flexibility. You really get a good sweat going too. Even more of one than in a moderate cardio program sometimes. I hope I can get Jay to "embrace" the yoga tonight. At least try the Tony Horton One On One series "Patience Hummingbird" I keep mentioning. Only about 36 minutes. Really nice for beginners.

Last night, Shoulders and Arms plus Ab Ripper X went smoothly. Jay really brought it again. I could tell because, once again, I heard grunts from the other room. And when he came into the living room afterwards, he flexed his "guns" for me with a big grin on his love it. ♥ I am so glad he is having fun with P90X.

I want to make a statement about P90X and Beachbody today instead of my usual thoughts on nutrition and fitness I usually write. Beachbody is a company that is built on people that truly want every person in this nation to become fit and healthy. We are a group of moms, dads, people college aged to senior citizens, different races, ethnic groups and all occupations, get the picture. We are "just regular people". Some of us are just happy to use the products and some of us want to help motivate and coach people to reach their goals. And when we actually sign up to do that through Beachbody, they pay us through commissions, bonuses, and other nice perks. Here is the thing though, we all work together, no "I" in "TEAM". No one is upset if someone else gets a customer over them, if another person goes farther in the company than another...we want each other to succeed. It is true!!! I have met so many awesome people through Beachbody... they make me want to strive for the next level all the time. I love each and every one of them. ♥ And anyone out there that is buying a Beachbody product and does not go through a coach and buys from QVC, or the site....that is fabulous!!! It just helps this whole family of people grow. It really does not matter where or who you buy it from..(as long as it is legitimate of course)...JUST BUY IT. It will change your life!!!
Look at me, I am a muralist by skilled trade, but here I am trying to motivate people to get fit and eat healthy. I never thought this person would be ME.

So wish me luck tonight with Jay and yoga. I hope he gives in, he won't regret it I am sure of that. Everyone "Bring It"!!!!

If you are interested in learning about Beachbody or coaching:

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