Friday, January 15, 2010

Yoga...It's All Good

Ok, Jay and I had been pretty sore the last couple of days...I will admit that. So, what is the cure for achy muscles??? I will give you a hint, it is not whining about it : ) Stretching and Yoga is the correct answer. You start out thinking yeah right, like this is gonna help. About 5 minutes into it you start feeling a change. Yoga has been called the "Fountain of Youth" and I am a believer. I was not always. In fact, it pains me to say that my first time I did P90X three years ago, I always opted for Stretch X over Yoga X. Looking back, how stupid was that? Well if you have done P90X then you know that Tony slips yoga into just about every routine so I really do not know what I was afraid of.
I welcome yoga and challenge everyone to at least try it. You may still not like it, but anything positive is worth trying once.

Jay although a bit rough due to not being able to coordinate watching Tony and getting into poses at the same time, hung in there like the champ he is proving to be. Again, it is a learning period.

I am happy to report that Jay and I both woke up much less sore. There is a website on the internet that you can try out yoga for free. It should be linked on the Today Show website. Try it, you may like it!

Tonight is Legs and Back plus Ab Ripper X. One of my favorites, I tend to sweat so much during this one and always feel like I totally "Brought It".


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