Friday, January 22, 2010

It's A Brand New Day...

I am refreshed and in happy mode! Yoga did what I knew it would and Jay seemed to appreciate it as well. I am in the mood to set some goals today. I am on the cusp of a new fitness level and with that comes the need to up the anty in other areas of my life. I actually did have a new year's resolution and it is a pretty silly one, but I want to be flexible enough to do a split : ) I know, it isn't like I will go out and join Cirque du Soleil, but it is my little personal goal. I also have running goals and business goals that I am working towards.

When you get into shape physically, you start to change mentally too, and you even start attracting people even if they are just to say "wow, you look fit". That triangle there of physical health, mental health, and social health is what it means to have balance and wellness. It does not happen over night, but just feeling better and accomplished makes some of life's little mishaps seem not so bad. This is just what I have learned in the last three years. And more so in the last year. Life is not perfect...if it was, wouldn't we be bored? Because that would mean that the extreme happy moments would not seem so exciting if they they happened on a daily basis. We would have no guage to tell just how great something was.

So I say today...embrace change, welcome the madness called life, and "Don't sweat the small stuff". You can not live someone else's life for them, no matter how bad you want to help. Just tell them you are here for them. Work on yourself and set goals. The stronger and healthier you get means that you are a even better person to lead by example.

Today is Legs and Back plus ARX P90X. A tough but awesome workout. I love to work the calves. I am not a big fan of the pull ups, but just the fact that I can do them makes me happy. I am throwing in One On One Medicine Ball Core Cardio today. Short and effective.

Have a wonderful Friday!!!


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