Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shoulders and Arms X style

Wowy...Achy breaky arms. You would think I would be used to this, but everytime I start a new round of P90X I feel like I did the first time I did it. We did Shoulders and Arms plus Ab Ripper X.

Jay kicked booty once again. He used smaller weights, which at this point is great. This week is a learning week. In order to have perfect form you sometimes need to start out using less weight to get the movement down. Remember that form is fundamental to the workouts. If it is off, then you are not getting the full benefit of the program. I keep saying this but I am so proud of Jay for not trying to do more than he should right now. He knows it is working because every morning when he wakes up, he is sore as all get out : ) I am afraid this is why people end up quitting sometimes. But, the soreness you feel in the beginning gets better on some level. As you get stronger and are able to do more as you master the moves you have new pain...keeps you on your toes. And it is not for everyone.

Some folks might just want a less intense cardio/strength training program, which is great. But if you are not a little sore at times, then it may be that your muscles are getting too used to the same movements during the routine you are doing. However, if you are exercising at all, then you get a gold star in my book : )

Bottom line..."Do your best and forget the rest" (Tony Horton).

Today is Ahhhh....Yoga X day. Jay and I both need this BAD! I am sure I will not hear any complaints from him about a stretch type of routine. Although Yoga can be trying sometimes getting locked into the positions, it makes you feel like a new person. It gets a bad rap, even I had to be convinced.

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