Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On His Own....He Brought It!

I am once again just astounded by my husband. Here we are in week three of P90X, and I have seen so many changes in Jay already. AMAZING : )

I gave a presentation on nutrition last night so Jay was left by himself to do "whatever". I just saw him briefly before I rushed out the door at 5:30 and did not get back till a little after 8pm last night. Just in time for Biggest Loser. I entered the house, and it was so quiet. My first thought was that they were hiding somewhere. I put my stuff away and started fixing myself something to eat and still, not a sound anywhere. I realized my four year old was asleep, and my teenager was safely in his room for the night. So where was Jay??? I went to the exercise room and to my surprise was Jay totally rockin' P90X Plyometrics. He was a sweaty mess and actually going faster sometimes than the people on the DVD. WOW! His calves were poppin'. He did not even stop to talk to me, he just kept going. I am so proud of him. He is doing so much better this time.

I ate dinner (kinda late for me) and actually fell asleep watching Biggest Loser
: (

This morning Jay tells me that when he finished, he did some more ab twisters with a weight bar and did some squat reaches with an 8 pound medicine ball. Then he went into watch UK play basketball and was inspired to do 30 wide shoulder push ups....He is on fire!
His arms are really starting to get defined as well as his legs. He is tightening up everywhere. And of course, the last to go on most people is his love handle section, but he is down about 6 inches in a month's time. So, is working. And he is injury free.

Today is Shoulder's and Arm's plus ARX. So, I think we will be buying some more weights, because Jay will be upping them I am sure. We can't use the same weights at the same time after all. I am adding TH One On One MB Core Cardio this morning. I love this workout. Short and effective : )

If you are thinking about getting started, stop thinking and do it. It is one of the best thing's you will do for yourself and your family.

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