Thursday, January 21, 2010

Excuses, Excuses....

P90X is going great for Jay and myself. We did Shoulders and Arms plus ARX last night and we booth "Brought It".
Tonight is Yoga night so I am looking forward to that. Plus, since I will be adding the second workout to my routine after this phase as per the P90X Doubles plan, I am doing some extra today to get my body used to the routine.

But today...I am going to talk food again. It has been my theme this week. I am stupefied everyday hearing what people say about their eating habits. I don't know why it shocks me, but it does.
I heard something last night about a close relative of mine whom I love dearly that was very unsettling. So much that I feel compelled to use this as an example.
I started trying to help this person a few months ago. They are overweight, have some health issues, and knee issues, which I am sure the extra weight does not help. I made them a personal food guide with Michi's Ladder. This is a Beachbody tool that comes with most programs they sell to go along with the various nutrition guides. I started them on a program called Slim In 6 and even did the first workout with them to make sure they were able to handle it. And this person was making strides towards better health. Then, her husband, whom is a bit older than her, got sick and was told by the doctor that he needed to be put on a basic diabetic diet. He is a heavy smoker and just so everyone out there thinks if you are "skinny" that you are healthy...he is very thin and very unhealthy. So, you have this couple now that both have health issues and have both been told by their individual Doctors that they need to exercise and eat better....or else!

They are Schwann food fanatics...and I am not saying that everything is bad from that company. They have lovely packaged chicken breast and fish plus, frozen fruits and veggies. Nothing you can't buy at the local grocery store (I do not call schwanns for the most part convenient, I call it lazy) But this is not the main foods they purchase from them. A little hint: Schwanns appetizers, ice creams, and chili macs and various casseroles...ARE NOT HEALTHY FOODS!

I was told that this person feels it is too expensive to eat like Jay and I and that they can not afford to buy the Slim In 6 for themselves (she had my copy) and her husband would not eat the healthier food so she would have to make two menus.

So their answer...stick to what they are eating with their average Schwanns bill being about 200 dollars a month and start Zumba once a week. Now I think Zumba is great! But, you cannot go to Zumba once a week and say you are exercising. It is not going to get you where you need to be fit wise! I am sorry. But if you are eating fats and more fats and way over your calorie you really think you are going to lose weight??? Just so I make this clear...No is the answer. Every person in America that wants to be healthier needs to exercise at least three times a week. That is how your metabolism gets faster and burns fat by building muscles. must, must , must eat healthy!

I do not want to hear that your husband won't eat that stuff because he probably needs it more than anyone since his last Dr visit gave him such a bad report. If you can't get him to eat it...then I guess it is no worse than him starving as opposed to the yuk he eats in his body. Either way it is not good for him and his health is just going to get worse, as well as yours.

So PLEASE do not take this wrong or as a mean rant. I only want to help and state the facts. And listen, I was there just four years ago. I know it is hard, but think how hard it will be when you are in a wheel chair or have full blown diabetes, or you and your spouse is so sick that you can't work to pay for the prepackaged meals you love so much. You can do this and I Will help, every day, every week, every month, and every year!

I promise I will be light and airy with my blog tomorrow...Of course I will because yoga is tonight and that makes it all good : ))


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