Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Jay made it through his first time doing P90X Chest and Back. I don't think he was quite expecting that many types of push ups and pull ups/chin ups, but he did an excellent job : )
He did just what he was supposed to do, he challenged himself and when it got too much for him he reverted back to standard push ups and did less reps in round 2. It was so much fun working out with him. He did not compete as some men do (and women) he just took care of business. We laughed and grunted...a small curse now and then and we both talked back to Tony. It was all good.
Then, came Ab Ripper X. It has been some time since Jay had done this workout. We both had been doing Rev Abs for so long...it was kinda a shock for him. But, he hung in there and for the most part was able to do the workout. The thing is, even if you workout 6 days a week, your body gets used to the same motions and movements doing a program or regimine. That is what is so great about P90X. The muscle confusion you hear about on the infomercial gets the job done. If you just did crunches or sit ups all day in the same angle or position, you won't get very far in your fitness level. Even going from a round of P90X to Rev Abs you feel muscles in different places. And that is a good thing. Change is good! You are not doing just cardio or just strength training. You are doing athletic trining, kick boxing, yoga, weights or bands, cardio...the whole nine yards. The P90X program works all the angles and really takes your fitness level to a higher standard. You just keep going and make new goals.
Today will be the first time Jay tries Plometrics X. This is a tough one. It is a workout that a professional athlete would do. But once you get through it and get stronger...BOY do you love it !
Jay is learning this week and so far so good. He is pacing himself and listening even asking me questions about his form, which is fundamental to any exercise movement. Quality not quantity. I am proud of him for that.

So until tomorrow...start thinking about what you can do to get more active. Take the stairs, walk, and please think about what you are eating!
Picture the inside of your body and what it looks like.
Biggest Loser tonight too!!! NBC 8pm

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