Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to Take Measurements For Fitness Or Weight Loss

This is a video from Team Beachbody. When you begin a fitness or weight loss program, instead of totally relying on the dreaded scales, measure your body every 30days. You will really see the progress you have made. A scale is only a part of the story. Mainly because if you are exercising and building muscle mass, you are most likely gaining a little weight as you are burning fat. Muscle burns is true.
Another part of the equation...Before pics every 30 days. I am a perfect example of someone who wishes they did not cut their head out of before photo. When you get to a pint where you are so proud of want to share everything, including the awful old pics. So PLEASE, Please take those photos. If you are a member of Team Beachbody for example, that pic may be worth $1000 someday. I know several of the past winners. Some have even gone on to win 10,000 or even 25,000!

So ready, set, go...take those measurements and photos : )


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