Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Plyometrics X...the Mother of All P90X Workouts

Whoo...boy...I watched my husband kick some booty last night! Yeehaw. It was his first time doing Plyometrics X. He rocked it. The first two sequences he was like...oh this isn't so bad I am not even sweating. By the time sequence 3 started he was like...seriously??? Reality set in and bit him in the hiney : ) This workout is like not for your casual exercise fan. You are doing moves that an athlete would do when training. In a word...AWESOME!
Jay took the high road since it was his first time and did some of the modified moves and he was great. He listened to Tony and hung in there. So day two of operation P90X restart is in the books.
Tonight is Arms and Shoulders plus Ab Ripper X. I have to say, my arms and parts of my chest are still sore from Chest and Back day Monday, but I will "Bring It" like a champion.

This program is the real deal like you hear all about in the infomercial. It will change your whole outlook on home fitness. It does not mean you don't have to go to the gym anymore. Gyms are great for people that can find the time and have an instructor or personal trainer to help. This is just another option you can add to your workout regimen or do by itself.

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