Monday, January 11, 2010

We're Baaaack....

Today is what i call "Fresh Start Monday". It is the perfect day to stomp away those Monday blues. Start a goal, no matter how big or small.

Back in October, my husband had to stop his P90X program due to a little knee injury. A perfect example of when Tony says pick a weight that is challenging, but don't put stress on a weak spot is good sound advice. Just because Tony Horton and his workout pals are lifting 45's...does not mean you won't do the job with 5's, 8's. or 10's. Be careful and listen to what he says in the dvd's...males and females.

So today, My husband Jay and I are starting up P90X again. I am in the middle of another Beachbody program called Rev Abs. I love it, but somewhere in the middle of the holidays and company I ended up doing random workouts. And I am okay with that, but I am going to continue with Rev Abs, because I was loving my results. This means that I will be doing the Doubles program in P90X. Two workouts a day. It mainly is so you get a cardio in the AM and do P90X later, or vice versa, but there is a good amount of cardio mixed into Rev Abs so I am making that my first workout. In the evening I will do P90X with Jay. We will be following the Classic program in P90X together.
He is at the point that he needs a little push and after we talked, he thinks doing this together will do the trick. Remember, he used to not even want me in the room : ) So I call this progress!

I will be posting my blog again in hopes that it will help others get inspired to get up and move their bodies. I believe very strongly in fitness and healthy nutrition and the fact that it adds years to your life.
The Beachbody company, along with top notch personal trainers have created the most awesome programs out there today and have a program for everyone of all ages. They gave me the tools to change my life and I gave myself the motivation to carry through. You are responsible for your own life!
Everyone had the power in them to make this change. You do not have to be a workout beast, you just have to make little changes that become big changes.
I hope that I can help you too! There is no goal too big or small.

Coach Jennifer

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