Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Husband and P90X 8/30/09

I said I was not going to blog about this subject until Monday, but while it is fresh on my mind from last it goes.

Today is officially "Rest Day". It does not mean you have to rest, but it is okay with Tony. You can do X Stretch if you feel your body needs a good stretch, which it probably does after the first week. Just do not over do anything if you choose to do an exercise routine, because your body has this day on the P90X schedule to recover and that is a good and necessary component in a program like P90X. I think Jay has a bike ride "planned" and I will probably do a 20 to 30 minute lighter cardio, just to make my body wake up. However, Jay said to me at bedtime last night, "I feel like I have the flu". Which was code for, the first week of P90X made me sore as

Last night, Jay came in the door saying he was sore and he could not believe how sore he was. Consider your body has been used to working only a particular group of muscles in your body over and over when you have been cycling. And when you are doing that activity, you are only using a small amount of the muscles inside that group of muscles. Take your thighs, there are four main muscle groups just in the thigh, but they break down into smaller groups. This is why P90X gets the job done.
Tony has you working all the angles of the legs when you do Legs and Back, which is what Jay had done the night before. So one might think that he was using all his leg muscles to cycle, and you do use quite a bit, but not all of the muscles in the different angles. And doing the same exercise routine with the same movement everyday, is like taking a particular medication for a while and it not being as effective after long periods of usage. Lance Armstrong does not just ride his bike everyday dude ;=) It is still early, and he has chosen to sleep in. I am waiting to see how he feels this morning after...♪ dun, dun, dun ♫....Kenpo X last night.

Well, he did Kenpo X, reluctantly. He was sore and tired, but once again, my positive reinforcement kicked in and he did the workout. "Come on, sweetie, last day of the first week and then ya get a day off tomorrow"...yay Team Anderson!!!
It was pretty rough for him. It is tough getting some of those kickboxing moves down, especially if you have not dabbled in the martial arts. So he was a bit frustrated, but I reminded him that my moves were a mess in the beginning. That is why you have pause and why you have to believe Tony when he says it is fine..."Do your best and forget the rest"...You are not on stage somewhere performing. This is for you and only you, and jeez, if it were easy then you would be doing the Ab Rocket and not see the results your whole body is going to have in 85 days ☺

My assessment of my husband's first week....AWESOME ☺ It is so hard to get through the first hoops. Your mind is all over the place. One day you are psyched and ready to go, and the are like crap, I don't want to do this, it is hard. Then you think Ooh, this is fun, then...I don't think I am seeing any results THE FIRST WEEK ?!? The one thing you do feel is accomplished. I am excited to see how the next week goes for him. He is right on schedule as far as how my first week went, feeling the same emotions. You just have to trust what people say about the program. And Jay saw how I transformed and was still going through all that in his head. Anything that is worth while as you know has bumps, but is rewarding at the finish. ☺ So, until Monday...for real this time...Have a fit and fantastic Sunday.

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