Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Husband and P90X

I have been on my fitness journey now for a while. When I started, I would stay up late after the craziness of the evening was all over and do my P90X routine for the day. At the time, my living room was my gym. Often my husband would sit at the family computer in the room and snicker and make comments like "Ha, I could do that, that is easy". You know they say not to poke fun at people doing something, unless they try it themselves. I know there is a saying in there. Anyway, after many months of, "I think I am gonna start P90X"...he did his first workout in the P90X Lean program. Core Synergistics. Not much use of weights, just your body doing some core weight mostly. He was humbled and asked me to stay in the room and help him get the moves down. So, I did. He made it through and said, I really don't feel much of anything. That was Monday...the day I like to call, Fresh Start Monday. Tuesday morn I found him sitting barely on the edge of the bed holding his sides. Yeah, he was feeling it fo'
I am so very proud of him. It really does change your life. It makes you more positive and you just feel so much better inside and out. I am not saying it is for everyone, but if you think you are up to the task...just try it. I will be glad to email anyone the little fitness test you get when you begin the program to see if you are "Up to the task".
Jay did day two last night....Cardio X all by himself ☺ He only needed assistance once trying to figure out a kick boxing move (he was making it more difficult than it was). The thing is, nobody sees you and you can take your time and push pause if you need to. If you just keep pushing play everyday,it will be so rewarding.
I plan on keeping a blog going of his journey with P90X. It is really cool to see someone else succeed and challenge themself everyday to get er done. We are in our 40's and doing this. Tony Horton is in his 50's. A healthy adult at any age can do this if they are willing to put in the effort.
I will keep you posted...tonight he gets to do some strength training with Arms and Shoulders and Ab Ripper X. Fun, Fun!

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