Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Husband and P90X 8/27/09

Wednesday is sometimes called "Hump Day" and for good reason. Depending on how you look at it , the day can be "Yay, half way to the weekend" (which is my take) or "Oh crap, am I going to make it to the weekend". Yesterday, the latter was my husband. He works 6 days a week. And I truly, truly appreciate him for that! But, sometimes, he gets super tired once he gets home and sits for a minute.
This is a perfect example of how doing a program like P90X with someone or having a Beachbody Coach, like me, can benefit someone. He has decided that he wants to do his workout by himself, even on a day like yesterday when we were both scheduled to do the same P90X workout. For more than one reason, but I think the main reason is he wants to try and get those moves down and just ask for help when only needed. Typical guys.
I understand. The problem was that last night, he was dragging his feet, looking for every excuse he could to not do it at all. And it is hard motivating your self, especially in the beginning. You are sore from the previous workout, tired from work...etc. Enter ME..."No way, get in there and just do it. Even if you do half of it, JUST DO IT!!!!" So after about 6 attempts at nudging, he went in there and "Brought It" and did the whole Shoulders and Arms plus Ab Ripper X routines. Afterwards he came to me and said he was glad he did that and had a burst of energy and felt very proud of himself. He even admitted that Ab Ripper X was rough and he could not do all of the moves but he did it regardless ☺
So my lesson for the day on starting a program and sticking to it is a quote from Tony Horton himself..."Do your best and forget the rest". If you just go in there and "Push Play", it will happen.
It does help when you have someone to nudge you. You may have that person at home, but if not...there is always someone at Team Beachbody to help you too. I would be honored to keep you motivated and accountable for your program.
Today is Yoga X day. I am not a big yoga fan. I tend to do Stretch X in place. However...Tony sneaks in a bit of yoga into many of the routines. I am pretty sore myself, so I am doing the yoga. Not sure what Jay will do, but I guarantee...he will do something.

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