Friday, August 28, 2009

My Husband and P90X 8/28/09

Well, we are now officially at day 5...yay team! Yesterday was Yoga X day. Nothing exciting happened really except my hubby decided to replace yoga with spinning. I really can't say much about that. He burnt his calories, he just did not stretch all that much or take it to a peaceful state of mind, well I guess it was for him ☺. But, Yoga for people that have never done it, especially males (I think), is a bit unappealing. Even I was not such a big fan of the thought of yoga. As I mentioned in a previous blog, Tony sneaks yoga into most his workouts. If you have not done yoga, it will suprise you. You really burn the calories because you are holding those poses and keeping your core so taut that beads of sweat roll down me quite often. It really does help you with your other workouts. I fought the idea, but I see a big difference.
So hopefully, next time Jay will give a little. I let him slide last night, because, I know how much he loves the bike and he has worked very hard this week.

I get the Tony Horton One On One program DVDs (about 20.00 a month)sent to me with a monthly subscription. They are usually about a half hour of familar Tony Horton moves but revved up. They feature Tony in his workout room at his home. Only him, the camera guy (Mason), and you. They are awesome additions to the P90X library. If you feel like giving a little more one day, just pop one in the DVD player and go for it. He has them broken down into muscles groups or workout subjects like Intervals or Yoga. Which is why I am bringing it up week when I get my new OOO Dvd, I will recieve one called "Patience Hummingbird". It is about 30 minutes of yoga. So, next week when Jay has to suit up for yoga, he could opt to do it instead of Yoga X. I guess it is my plan more than his at this stage, and he may suprise me and try Yoga X, but I have a back

Now as for me, I did my Yoga X, but then I decided to try something else. With my last One On One Dvd, I got a preview of a new upcoming Beachbody workout called "Rev Abs". So I pushed play and did the 39 minute Phase One program. I think it is going to be a pretty good program for beginners that want to concentrate on their abs and core. This was the Phase One routine, so it did not challenge me all that much. I sweat a bit, but not like doing Tony Horton's ab programs like Ab Ripper X. However, Phase 2 and 3 could probably do the job, I imagine. This is why I think it will be great for those just starting out. It does not come out until November, but it is definitely something to look forward to and consider.

Today is Legs and Back Plus Ab Ripper X for both Jay and I. Pretty sure he will really like this one. He likes his legs because of the cycling, so this will be something that appeals to him. It will be the first workout he will use the Pull Up bar, but there is a modification with the bands as well as using a chair to assist you with pull ups. So it is all good.
☺ Have a great Friday everyone!

If you are interested in the One On One program:
There are promos on You Tube, Team Beachbody ( go to my coach site and sign up free)
and I put the latest one on my facebook page.

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